As many of you know the 2012 doomsday scenario and the 2012 movie based on the mayan calendar has hit the media creating much fear and debate.  However what most people are not aware of is that according to the real Mayans they have not shared any type of information on more than 500 hundred years! not even one message was approved in any way by the Mayan elders at least until now…

The Shift of the Ages (SOTA) team has been involved in the last couple of years filming a message the indigenous tribes have to share and  this time approved by the National Council of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala. The important message that the National Council of Elders want to share is about the prophetic date 2012 and shift of ages ,what is really going to happen and what is not.

The  SOTA project began when the chief and messenger of the Mayans Wandering Wolf ( Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj ) approached Steve Copeland to document the sacred saga of the Maya in 2005, he knew that the request would reach much farther than the making of a film and with the acceptance of Steve  the project began.

The film promises to show wonderful scenarios and a meeting with Wisdom keepers around the world. In the journey Don Alejandro, the protagonist travels around the world meeting Elders and sharing the message of what 2012 is really about . The film is planned to hit alternative movie festivals by 2011 to the later release of the DVD however with the high costs of making the film and post edition the SOTA team really needs monetary support, as this amazing leading edge documentary is not supported by big companies and it was not made for monetary profit.

SOTA representatives have recently told that all the main production has been done except for the post edition of the film which is estimated to be around 105.000$   ,if you want to learn more about the project or perhaps contribute in any form you can visit the following websites for more information;

and ( pledges from even 1 dollar accepted)