The news are all over the world Osama Bin laden is dead.

Years after september 9-11 the Alleged leader of  the islamic extremist group Al-Qa-Eda is dead.

Today Obama adressed on live television that the leader is dead at bombings on ä mantion at Islamabad, Pakistan. An so the questions arise, is the war over? what will hapen to Al-Qa-Eda ? what is the next step? where is the body?

The National security team has been seraching obama since 2001 and finally killed Osama Bin laden and took his dead body.For over two decades Osama has been been the leader of Al Qa Eda and president Obama mentioned¨We killed the leader of the terrorist ,but we must and we will remain viligant ¨.

As Obama mentioned Asif Zardari and himself have agree on keep searching fo all members of Al Qa Eda and agree to transport the body of Osama to the States.

¨Victims of 9-11 We have never forgatten your lost let us maintain a sense of unity ¨ were one of the last words of Obama at his conference.