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The forgatten story of Tomas Edison, Nicola Tesla and free energy technology ,could this change the future of the energy industry?

The forgotten story of Tomas Edison, Nicola Tesla , J.P Morgan and free energy technology ,When greed takes over.

Tomas Edison was without doubt one of the most recognized invertors human kind has ever seen with inventions such as the phonograph, cement creator machines and DC power generators. But what many people are not aware of is that he fought side by side with another inventor from his time Nicola Tesla.

This mysterious Serbian born scientist created alternating current, wireless communication, the modern electric motor, basic laser and radar technology, x-rays, neon, robotics, remote control, and cellular technology, and even star wars tactical warfare.  All over a hundred years ago. Yet today he is barely known and not even named in discussions about brilliant minds.

From a penny less immigrant to a New York inventor celebrity Nicola became rapidly renowned and quickly found himself surrounded by the elite of artists, politics and intellectuals of his time. Big names individuals such as Mark Twain, John Muir, Sarah Bernhardt, Sanford White, and Teddy Roosevelt between others found themselves witnessing with amazement high voltage technology at Nicola’s Laboratory.

But as always his nemesis competitor Tomas Edison was never present at his events, all because of their current war of AC versus DC currents their life’s long  work and later a competition for the novel price. Edison sustained that Alternated Current [AC] was too dangerous using tens of thousands of volts while Direct Current [DC] only used hundreds.  And there was only one kind of technology that could feed complete cities and Tesla had it while Edison desired it. And so Edison fought for it performing live demonstration burning live animals with currents to take away credit from the Serbian. He even burned an Elephant at Coney Island sustaining how dangerous it was and that it will not work, but Tesla proved him wrong.

In 1893 Tesla proved Edison’s theory to be wrong instigating  the amazement of all the scientific community of the time. He completely powered the Chicago World’s fair with astonishing success to later create the first hydro system at the Niagara falls in partnership with George Westinghouse. At that time Nikola was top news at many of the most renown news papers of the country .

Without doubt his greater attempt was to create a worlds first transatlantic signal [wireless electricity] the Wardenclyffe Tower .The huge tower  created in 1901 was founded by the  magnate J.P Morgan as recently papers have proofed. But Tesla had a secret he could not tell to Morgan, the Wardenclyffe tower was mainly created to electrified the world. The system would provide free energy everywhere with no limits as he had demonstrated to thousands  before [[text]=tesla  ]

Sadly when Morgan found about the potential use of the Wardenclyffe he stopped founding Tesla as he had planned to get huge profits with Edison’s work. Furthermore Morgan convinced other investors to not found Tesla cutting any potential founding to achieve the projects objective. And so Marconi send his transatlantic signal in association with Morgan and Edison and Morgan took most of the profits.

Tesla even invented the ‘death ray’ that had the potential to end war with laser technology that could destroy warfare items in the air and in a safe way. Nonetheless he died from heart failure penny less and alone at his New York apartment in 1943. His colleagues and family descendants have presented important paper work that proofs the story true, however the big profit driven corporations do not want to accept them as true and the global masses are even mostly unaware of who was Nicola Tesla

With the new paperwork rediscovered many scientists around the world are starting to examine and many believe the technology could be recreated and used in the following decade. The work of Tesla is currently being studied at many universities around the world.

The Lost City of Atlantis may have been finally found 2011

An American led research believes it may have finally located the legendary Lost City of Atlantis in the southern lands of Spain . According to Richard Freunda a professor from Hartford university in Connecticut this is the power of tsunamis as he states ¨It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about”.

The team used state of the art technology to inspect the zone , using satellite photos to inspect a supposed submerged city to later find the site just at north of Cadiz ,Spain.  In 2009 and 2010 the team integrated by professors Archeologist and Geologists used deep radar technology, digital maps and submersible technology at the Dona Ana park were they believe that they have rediscovered a millenarian multi-circled dominion known as Atlantis.

Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis 2,600 years ago ,describing it as an island that was situated in front of the straits which are also called pillars of Hercules or the Straits of Gibraltar.   Tsunamis in the zone have been reported trough out the century, one of the biggest a 10 story tidal wave that hit Lisbon in 1755.

The experts are currently planning further excavations to site were they alegedly found Atlantis and at central Spain 150 miles away to take a closer look of geological formations and artifacts.

Gathering of Kogis and Native americans elders discussing and sharing knowledge about the shift of ages

A delegation of Kogis elders  (Mamas and  Sages) of the kogis Arhuaco ,Wiwa and Kuankuamo tribes and a delegation from Algonquin, Havasupai, Hopi, Mohawk, Navajo, Ojibwe Anishinaabe and Tewa traditions from north america will come together on may 6,7 and 8 at catskills upstate New York at the Menla Mountain retreat. This prophecised ¨meeting of elders¨ promises a never seen before encounter were the elders will discuss and share messeges about the prophetic year 2012.

What is more amazing is that the Kogis have very few times came out from their home at Sierra nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia , South America.  Besides the amazonian Jibaros the Kogis are the only tribe that survived the european conquest around 500 years ago ,perhaps because of their hard to get geographical location or perhaps because they were protected by mother earth as many claim. Furthermore the Kogis are perhaps one of the very few tribes that has been completly out of contact with modern civilizations until  recent times. The Kogis have keept their traditions intact and for most of them this will be the first time they will get out of the energtic point that is Sierra Nevada.

The kogis are coming out of Sierra Nevada this time to deliver the original instructions they have upheld through time immemorial. The elders with their wisdom will reflect how hearth center living and wisdom can bring sacred balance to this time. Numerous indigenous cultures around the world have prophecited this encounter , most of this cultures knew about the reunion of the Condor and the Eagle where they knew indigenous tribes around the world will reunite as one at the shift of ages (around 2012?)

The Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo Mamas have said this visit represents an opportune moment to convey a message to the world, when a great part of humanity is eagerly seeking guidance in the midst of the different circumstances around the planet that make it evident it is a critical point in time that calls for profound change…

The Mamas (kogi elders) mention ¨the return of the sacred elments to their places of origin¨which will help to bring a shift in consciunsnes to human kind
During the last five centuries, the Eagle, representing the material world, has reigned. The Eagle dominated the Condor, who represents the world of the spirit and the heart, and symbolizes the wisdom of the native nations. According to the prophecy, we are now at the beginning of the “Fifth Pachacuti“, an era when the Condor is rising and will fly side by side with the Eagle.
The Kogui will send the following delegation to the Catskills:
•    Ñankwa Chaparro – Arhuaco Spiritual Authority
•    Mamo José Gabriel Alimaco – Kogui Spiritual Authority
•    Mamo Pedro Juan Noevita – Kogui Spiritual Authority
•    Mamo Julio Pinto – Wiwa Spiritual Authority
•    Jazinto Zarabata – Kogui Organizational Leader

Native North American delegations will include: 

•    Louise McDonald- Bear Clan Mother Tewakierahkwa
•    Curtis Nelson – Bear Clan Chief Tehanakarine
•    Chieftainship Title – Tehanakarine, Dragging Horns of the Kaniekehaka(Mohawk)
Nation part of the Haudensaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy
•    Mona Polacca M.S.W. is a Havasupai, Hopi, and Tewa Native American Elder
whose tribal affiliation is of the Colorado River Indian Tribes of Parker, Arizona.
She is a member of The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
•    Josephine Whiteduck – Clan Mother Algonquin – Chef William Commanda’s
•    Harold Joseph, Jr. Hopi, Shungopavi Village Elder
•    Monique Renaud- Algonquin- Pres. of Canadian Metis alliance
•    Alden Narnjo, JR.  Southern Ute, Indian Tribe, Ignacio, CO President of NAC US,
45 year Sun Dancer
•    Jack Singer, Navajo, 22 year Sun Dancer, Commander for Walk with Warrior
•    Brian Nish Nung Matrious Ojibwe Anishinaabe and Connie Moose Ojibwe

If you want to attend to the gathering you can get more information at