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The Lost City of Atlantis may have been finally found 2011

An American led research believes it may have finally located the legendary Lost City of Atlantis in the southern lands of Spain . According to Richard Freunda a professor from Hartford university in Connecticut this is the power of tsunamis as he states ¨It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that’s pretty much what we’re talking about”.

The team used state of the art technology to inspect the zone , using satellite photos to inspect a supposed submerged city to later find the site just at north of Cadiz ,Spain.  In 2009 and 2010 the team integrated by professors Archeologist and Geologists used deep radar technology, digital maps and submersible technology at the Dona Ana park were they believe that they have rediscovered a millenarian multi-circled dominion known as Atlantis.

Greek philosopher Plato wrote about Atlantis 2,600 years ago ,describing it as an island that was situated in front of the straits which are also called pillars of Hercules or the Straits of Gibraltar.   Tsunamis in the zone have been reported trough out the century, one of the biggest a 10 story tidal wave that hit Lisbon in 1755.

The experts are currently planning further excavations to site were they alegedly found Atlantis and at central Spain 150 miles away to take a closer look of geological formations and artifacts.

A portable device creates potable water

A graduate from Monash university has created an affortable device  that works with solar energy. The device  developed as Mr.Jonathan Liows final year project during his bachelature on Industrial Design has the the potential to help eradicate deseases and bring clean water to people in need.

After visiting Cambodia  in 2008 Mr Liows was shoked by the lack of basic products we take for granted and so he was inspired to use his design skills to create something that could help.

The spheric device can produce up to 3 days of clean water a day having a potential to provide clean water to the desesperate  900 million people have to face each day and to help the over 2 million of children that die annualy because of contaminated water. The solar ball unit absorbs sun energy and causes the contaminated water to evaporate. When the evaporation occurs ,contaminants are separated from the water creating a drinkable condensation. The result is a condensated clean water ready to use and drink.

Mr.Liou was also featured in ABC1 ¨New Invertors¨ and the device was named as a finalist at the Australian Design Awards – James Dyson Award . The solar sphere will also be exibited at the Milan International Design Fair.

The novelty of the device that differs from other water purifications objects is that is user friendly ,weather resistant and most amazing of all affortable.