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What Americans Fear vs What Americans Should Fear

Enki Returns Crop Circle ?

While the crop circle does not exactly states that “Enki” will return, it does seem to had delivered its name, plus the name

of Ea.

The interpretation in binary code was “Ea Enki” with an space between the two names, could this mean the return of what

the summerians and so many cultures called the god creator of humanity?, or could Ea Enki be a myth that was made to

encode a meaning like “the return of consciusness”, or perhaps a critical point in the history of earth?.

A portable device creates potable water

A graduate from Monash university has created an affortable device  that works with solar energy. The device  developed as Mr.Jonathan Liows final year project during his bachelature on Industrial Design has the the potential to help eradicate deseases and bring clean water to people in need.

After visiting Cambodia  in 2008 Mr Liows was shoked by the lack of basic products we take for granted and so he was inspired to use his design skills to create something that could help.

The spheric device can produce up to 3 days of clean water a day having a potential to provide clean water to the desesperate  900 million people have to face each day and to help the over 2 million of children that die annualy because of contaminated water. The solar ball unit absorbs sun energy and causes the contaminated water to evaporate. When the evaporation occurs ,contaminants are separated from the water creating a drinkable condensation. The result is a condensated clean water ready to use and drink.

Mr.Liou was also featured in ABC1 ¨New Invertors¨ and the device was named as a finalist at the Australian Design Awards – James Dyson Award . The solar sphere will also be exibited at the Milan International Design Fair.

The novelty of the device that differs from other water purifications objects is that is user friendly ,weather resistant and most amazing of all affortable.